​​Idaho Dairy Herd Improvement  Association

How to get started

If you're interested in traditional DHIA testing, please look at the DHIA Testing Plans to get an idea of which test options might suit you best and then give us a call! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the options available and work to design a test plan that works for you.

To start testing or discuss your testing options, please contact us to discuss a testing plan that will work for you. 

Information we may need to help determine the services we can offer:
  • Number of animals, milking and dry
  • Type of parlor
  • Need for meters - Do you need meters brought in or do you have electronic meters? 
  • Approximate milking times and length of milking
  • How frequently you would like to test
  • Are your animals registered or grades?
  • Do you already have a herd code or do you need to be assigned one

You'll need to gather the following information before you begin testing:
  • ID on all animals (at least a unique index number, more for other test plans)
  • Breed, birth dates, and the most recent freshening date of all animals
  • Any extra breeding or other information you want to track
  • Herd codes and old index numbers for transfer animals

Other requirements:
  • All members must sign a membership agreement and adhere to the standards and policies of Idaho DHIA
  • All members who choose full/open or limited disclosure must follow and adhere to the National DHIA Uniform Data Collection Procedures
  • All members who choose full/open or limited disclosure must abide by the National DHIA Code of Ethics