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Idaho Dhia in Twin Falls

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​Welcome to the Idaho DHIA website. Idaho DHIA is a certified field service provider serving Idaho, Montana, Oregon Colorado, and Washington dairymen. 

On November 5th, 1973 Idaho DHIA was formed. Currently Idaho DHIA works closely with twenty-five (25) independent dairy cow supervisors and thirty (30) independent goat supervisors.

Over the years Idaho DHIA has seen steady growth in cow numbers and a slight decrease in herd numbers. For our 2014-2015 year we had an average of 271,030 cows and 183 herds. Compared to the previous year of 225,438 cows and 184. In 2004-2005 we had 160,350 cows and 306 herds. Since 2005 we've seen a loss of 124 herds, and gain of over 94,000 cows.​​


Idaho DHIA is proud to be a member of National DHIA, an organization whose purpose is to promote accurate, reliable, and credible DHIA records and represent the interests of DHIA affiliates within the dairy industry in the US.

For more information on National DHIA, you can visit their website at