Our Purpose


Idaho DHIA is a member owned and controlled organization that strives to serve members’ needs concerning management of dairy records and information. Idaho DHIA’s most important goal is to support dairy producers and milk testing supervisors by being a resource that provides information for the individual management of each dairy operation. Idaho DHIA provides unbiased information concerning certified milk testing supervisors, data records processing centers (DRPC), and dairy management software.

Idaho DHIA understands the shift in dairy management to incorporate new technologies in hopes of enhancing the dairy’s efficiency and bottom line. Another goal is to be a provider of choice to support needs for management information technology - from management software to computers and hardware, or RFID management and the internet to facility networking and beyond, we will work to satisfy any technology needs.

A well-trained and professional supervisor equipped with clean, accurate equipment is the foundation of most testing programs. Reliable information with a minimum disruption of test day is the objective. Coupling this information with a dairy management software program is one of our priorities.

Idaho DHIA is committed to offering ideas and support, which will increase the value received from the information collected. We will act as a conduit from numerous sources like other dairymen, DRPC, universities, industry, USDA, National DHIA, and many more to present dairy producers with the information they need.

Additionally, Idaho DHIA represents dairy management information interests in a variety of venues. At the state and local level, Idaho DHIA participates in issues like National Animal ID and Dairy Extension. As an active member of National DHIA, Idaho DHIA has valuable insight and contribution to national and international issues and organizations.

If you are participating in breed association programs or young sire programs, Idaho DHIA is a local route for information to flow to the genetic evaluation program at CDCB. We are also responsible for assuring the quality of records used by the breed associations’ production records and the young sire programs with their reward programs.

In summary, Idaho DHIA is controlled by a board of dairy producers and is committed to work efficiently and effectively to help dairymen obtain the kind of information and technical support they need to manage their operations.