AGS recognizes a number of test Recording Programs.

Standard or DHI-Conventional
DHI technician weighs and samples the milk from two consecutive milkings. Code 20.

AM/PM Component Sampling (APCS)
DHI technician weighs and samples one milking alternating AM and PM each test. Owner weighs and records prior to milking. First test: AM, owner weighs and records (no samples); PM, technician weighs, records, and samples. Second test: AM, technician weighs, records, and samples. PM, owner weighs and records. Repeat first and second test procedures throughout lactation. Code 02.

AM/PM Without Time Monitor (AP)
Technician weighs and samples AM or PM, alternating each test period. Code 31.

AM/PM Component Sampling with Timer (APT)
This test is the same as AP except a time monitor is required. Code 01.

Every-Other-Month (EOM)
DHI technician weighs, records, and samples two consecutive milkings every other month. Owner weighs and records for the intervening months and sends barns sheets to their lab. Code 00.

Three or more owners testing each other’s herd. Any of the above recording programs may be used. All members must use the same program and be trained as a DHI technician

Verification Tests are required for all herds (around mid DHI year) on APCS, EOM, AP, and APT test plans, and are required for Lincoln Awards. (1999)